Some of the best things about Sabtang Island

Sabtang Island is a very beautiful place and a great number of people prefer to visit this place in the vacations. It is located in Philippines in the northernmost province; it is considered to be the last frontier of the country. Basically, the place is known as Batanes where are a number of islands are situated. The place seems to be just perfect and it gives you a relief from the dull boring life. The place is really fascinating especially for the people who really love and admire the nature.

Some of the things that are considered to be the most beautiful and they attract the visitors the most in the region of Sabtang and everybody loves them have been mentioned below:

The Ride of Faluwa:

If someone is hydrophobic and susceptible to get seasick, obviously he/she won’t like this. However, Faluwa is really unique and one of the most outstanding things in Batanes. A lot of people enjoy this ride a lot while having a trip from the port of Ivana to the island of Sabtang. It is actually the main mode of transportation primarily while travelling from one island to the other. It is built in such a way that it can withstand the huge sea waves. In the ride of Faluwa, the boat can handle anything riding in it, like animals, bicycles, etc.

The traditional houses made of stones:

The traditional stone houses near the Sabtang Island are considered to be unassuming; however, they are constructed in a beautiful way and are sturdy enough to withstand any storms. Actually the local people have to build these sturdy houses so that they can withstand tropical storms called as typhoons. These typhoons beset the province oftentimes. Chavayan is the best place to spend a night over there; it gives you a cool experience.

Morong beach:

Near the island, there is located the Morong beach. This beach is very famous for the beauty of its natural rock formation. Moreover, there is an outstanding cave that is set on one end of the beach as a rocky cliff. Specifically at the time of low tides, there are a number of beautiful scenes to view.

The viewpoint of Chamantad-Tinyan:

At the spot of Chamanted-Tinyan, there are lots of rolling hills full of greenery that give a very pleasant look. There are seen the local people selling tea leaves, coconuts etc. and they add up to the natural beauty of the place. On going down, the visitors get a chance to have a closer view of the scenery and the sea. Some of the people also like to swim in the water and become refreshed.

The food offered in the place:

The food specialty of this place is the famous lobster lunch. Lobster is quite commonly eaten in the region just like chicken is common in the mainland. A lot of people just love to eat it, since it is very delicious and tempting.

There are lots of other beautiful facts about the Sabtang Island that always attract more and more people to visit the place.

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