A guide to go to the beautiful Sabtang Island

Sabtang Island is a beautiful place to visit. Sabtang is actually a municipality province in the region of Batanes in Philippines. According to the census I the year 2010, the place had a population of about fifteen hundred people. There is a group of island named the Batanes island group; it is composed of mainly the Sabtang Island that is the most famous of all. Along with it, there are two other smaller islands that are entirely uninhabited; they are named as Ivuhos and Dequey.

Most of the tourists prefer to visit the island of Sabtang due to its attraction and beautiful spots found in the place. However, a lot of people want to get a guidance about Sabtang Island – How to go there. Well, there are a lot of online guides that can help you to know about the plan and the things that are required to start the tour.

The motor boats of Faluwa at the port of San Vicente are the basic mode of transportation in order to travel to the island of Sabtang. Because, you have to travel by boat, so you must not have over-eaten and you should also bring the medicines for the sickness of motion in case you need them. It takes almost thirty to forty minutes to take a ride in the boat. The boat passes between the sea of West Philippines and the Pacific Ocean. This ride is oftentimes supposed to be bumpy and adventurous.

Before getting started with your tour, you are required to pay a visit to the center for the municipal information about tourism for signing up in the logbook of the center. Mostly, the offices there offer the visitors to have the traditional tubh tea. The first step while visitng Sabtang can be the visit of Savidug Village.

After reaching the island, there are lots of beautiful places to visit; however, you won’t find a lot of people in the place. But you can silently observe the nature of beauty. One of the most well-known things about the island is the stone houses that are traditionally built-up by the locals. You can also visit the Chayavan village and there you will have the opportunity to meet the ladies of the weaving association of Sabtang. This place also has its own beauty.

You can enjoy your tour in the place in a more delicious way by eating the freshly made lobsters, coconut crabs and other sea food, if you like it. Undoubtedly, the place is so beautiful and it is not difficult to reach the place, so the question that “Sabtang Island – How to go there” should not create any confusion in your mind.

A lot of people share their experiences about the journey of Sabtang Island and they explain each and every step for getting to the place. They also mentioned the most preferred places to visit and about the places that should be visited earlier. So if you are planning to visit the island, you must go through these itineraries on the different travelling sites and the phrase “Sabtang Island – How to get there” should not be a problem for you.

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